The road to Briley

The road to Briley
Briley Parkway, Nashville TN

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 6

Today is our last night in chongqing. Tomorrow we will fly to Guangzhou to complete the US portion of the process. Although the adoption is complete and Briley is legally our daughter this final step will allow us to bring her home with us to the US and she will be an American citizen. We are very happy to be closer to going home with our spicy girl. We are also saddened to leave this city. Tomorrow may be the last time that Briley sets foot in her hometown for many years and she will likely have no memory of being here. We hope and pray that what little time we have spent here will help her years from knowing to appreciate this beautiful city and even her birth family that made the decision to leave her at the gates of the orphanage to make it safely to us.

I have been trying to give a synopsis of everyday we are here, but today I really don't feel like it. Not that we didn't have a great time sight seeing around chongqing, because we really did. It is colder here now and drizzling rain so we didn't stay out as long as we would have if the weather was nicer. We spent a lot of time inside.

Briley is really doing great, but she is terribly clingy with Andy. She goes into a melt down if he leaves the room. While she tolerates me, she would barely lay down to drink her bottle because she was focused on Andy. Whenever we are in the hotel room she wants to be sitting on his lap. She would let me hold her as we walked around the city, but if anything upset her she wanted her Daddy. She does look at me to make sure that i am paying attention. All i have to do is talk to her and she breaks out in a smile. I just better let her Daddy be near her! She also screams when we change her clothes or diapers. Thankfully her anger doesn't last long and as long as she isn't hungry or tired she is all smiles in a short time. She is still a fussy butt at times, but one smile from her and I forget all about her fussiness. Right now she is asleep in her crib and I miss her smile already. One of the sweetest moments of the day was one she was sitting on Andy's lap and she was duck her head away from me and then peer out at me. I would act surprised and she would giggle. We played this game for several minutes. I know my baby girl loves me, but right now she is enthralled with the love of her Daddy! All day I have been thinking about how every little girl needs a Daddy to love her and protect her and my baby girl has only known that type of love for three days. She has been around plenty of women who have met her basic needs, but she has never known the love of a Mommy or Daddy. My heart is broken for her. I would love for her to let me wipe away her tears and comfort her and I know that in time it will come, but for now I love that she loves her Daddy. He is a good strong man and he will protect her. He is also funny and a big teddy bear. I dont know how she couldnt love and trust him. I completely understand her needing him. I need him too.

And mostly I am thankful for our Heavenly Father that loves and protects His children. I praise God that He has called us on this journey. It has not only been a journey to our daughter, but to the very heart of God. I have viewed a glimpse of His love and I too am enthralled in His love. I have been clingy and needed to stay near. I too need to be held and whispered to that He will always love and protect me no matter how fussy I am.

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